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What We Care For

Upliftment of Society

We Help people out during everyday life when we have the opportunity. While they may not be glamorous, small gestures of kindness at a one-on-one level are a great way to be useful in our community. When we spot an opportunity to make a direct intervention and help another person in our community, do it with a smile providing assistance to a homeless person. Volunteering is a great way to interact with our local community and help out people who are less fortunate than ourself

Orphans Healthcare & Wellbeing

The Association is particularly concerned whether parents were allowed to visit freely in hospitals. Years of debate over the need to consider the emotional as well as physical needs of children in hospital lay behind the formation of the new body. Children and parents affected by a rare disease have many questions. We offer children and families important direct help for their everyday lives in addition to mediation of specific points of contact, information and exchange of knowledge and information.

Bengali Cultural Activities

We organize Get togethers (GTs), Monsoon picnic, Winter picnic, Bosonto utsav, Few cultural programs like Bengali Nabo barsho, Bijoya Sammelani as well as Rabindrojyonti, Durga puja, Kali puja, Swaraswati puja.

Our activities & events

Durga Puja

Durga Puja is an annual five day celebration originating in the Indian Subcontinent which pays homage to the goddess Maa Durga. It celebrates the victory of good over evil as goddess durga killed demon king Mahishasur. 

Charity Event

Geetanjali Sangho is always committed for various charity works that help the society, it may be in form of donations to Old age homes, to orphanage etc.


It gives us immense pleasure and pride that Geetanjali Sangho was inaugurated by Swami Srikantananda, From Ramkrishna Math Pune on the Occasion Of Bengali New Year i.e. 15th April 2022.

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